Dad Fact

More fathers are taking paternity leave. In 2007 27% of eligible fathers took paternity leave.  

#ABDADSReal Dad Stories

Why Dad Stories are Important


We tell stories to help us understand each other. We tell stories to give an example of how or why we feel a particular way. It is a way of finding common ground and sharing experiences. It can feel very positive when someone has had a similar experience and we feel that they understand where we are coming from.

Stories often take on their own life and it is the story we remember not the actual event. This is a way of keeping memories alive that might have faded. It may be worth remembering though that sometimes stories are embellished, or we only remember what we want to.

True DAD Stories, shared with AFII for other DADS to read about, relate to and see that a DADS involvement with their children is important and meaningful.