Find out what you can do to up your game with your kids

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Cog Dad loves sharing his knowledge with his kids.

Cog Dad shines when his kids ask the never ending “Why” questions. If you don’t have the answers, you can’t wait to try to figure out the answers with your kids.

Activity Ideas:

  • Science experiments
  • Helping with homework
  • Visiting museums
  • Reading
  • Watching documentaries


Hap dad is always up on the current trends.

He knows that nothing is cooler than sharing “what’s new” with his kids. Whether you’re searching for the next “Cronut” or playing on the latest iPad, you love introducing your kids to new and exciting things.

Activity Ideas:

  • Farmer's Markets - Seeing a movie on opening weekend - Exploring Festivals - Spend time together in coffee shops

Octane Dad

Octane dad knows his way around the shop.

Octane Dads love showing his kids how different things work. You don’t mind getting grease on your hands while showing your kids how to use a wrench.

Activity Ideas:

  • Build a go-kart - Work on the family car - Attend car shows - Show your kids how engines work


Go-Dad takes time to enjoy the outdoors.

If you’re a Go Dad, you take time to enjoy the great outdoors. The only thing you enjoy more, is sharing your appreciation of wilderness with your children. You’re always up for adventure, and love taking your kids along for the ride.

Activity Ideas:

  • Hiking & camping - Fishing - Quadding or snowmobiling - Cross country skiing - Cycling


Digital Dad knows that geeky is the new cool.

Digital dad has a passion for a hobby and loves sharing it with his kids. Wheather it’s video games, photography, trading cards, Star Wars, or computers, you love to geek out with your kids.

Activity Ideas:

  • Video games - Card & board games - Take photography classes - Build a computer - Attend Comicon - Watch a movie


Jock Dad takes pride in introducing his kids to the world of sports.

Whether you’re teaching your daughter to throw a fastball, coaching your son’s soccer team, or taking your kids to their first hockey game, you know that sports can teach real life lessons.

Activity Ideas:

  • Playing sports with your kids - coach your child's team - Take your kids to a sports game - Set up a backyard rink - Teach your child a new sport
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