They don't come with a manual...

It’s not always easy being a dad and there isn’t always a right answer. Take a look at some of our resources below for ideas on spending time with your kids, how to connect with them, and other things that we deal with as dads.


  • Positive Discipline

    A document authored by Joan Durrant, Ph.D. Positive discipline is an approach to parenting that teaches children and guides their behaviour, while respecting their rights to healthy development, protection from violence and participation in their learning.

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    Great Dads

    American based – Is a source of experience, recommendations, inspiration and advice for dads-delivered from the male perspective. It currently offers the only pregnancy countdown newsletter written by dads and for dads.

    It provides unique content written specifically for dads, such as a ‘Gadget of the Day’ column and a special area called ‘By Dads for Dads’ about kids’ products, created by entrepreneurial dads. There are timely, relevant polls, community forums, and a database of helpful medical, developmental, and educational articles from across the Web. We also offer free RSS feeds of our articles, as well as an XML feed of our daily dad and parenting news feature, including family-friendly movie reviews.

    Great Dads Website

    Families Count

    Document produced through the Vanier Institute that documents the dramatic changes in family life that have taken place in the course of just two or three generations.

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    Pre and postnatal education programs aimed for fathers – founded by Dr. Neil Campbell – London Ont

    Dad's Can Website